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    • Do you have all the street smarts and high level know-how you need to build your company through each and every stage of its growth?


    • Do know the strategies and tactics that can actually propel your growth through another year or more of a sluggish economy?


    • During the next several minutes we're going talk about How you can Benefit from the assistance of Business Mentor


  • First, we should differentiate between a business mentor and a business coach

    • A business coach is someone who helps owners of small and mid-size businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building, cost cutting and even growth financing


    • Also, just like an athletic coach, your business coach helps you get and stay focused


    • A business mentorship is a less pervasive role usually performed by an already successful entrepreneur, who can help open important doors, tell you where the land mines are, and give you advice on what and what not to do to build your company or improve your effectiveness.


    • But they're not there to enforce any focus or discipline


    • A business coach pushes and when needed, pushes hard


    • A business mentor pulls gently and offers just a guiding hand leaving the discipline and follow through primarily to you


    • So which is better for you, a business coach or a business mentor?


    • It depends upon your experience and level of self-discipline


    • A business coach is going to be more important to someone relatively new to entrepreneurship or at any level where self-discipline is sparse or sporadic


    • A highly experienced entrepreneur will lean more toward the business mentor especially if they are already highly focused and self-disciplined


    • Even the most successful entrepreneurs have their business mentors although sometimes without that title


    • For example, business mentors sometimes take the form of a member of the board of directors or a special advisor, or just a fellow entrepreneur buddy from the country club


    • But they are business mentors none the less


    • Smart entrepreneurs know they can never have too many business mentors


    • The bigger the base of quality experience that an entrepreneur can draw from, the more certain and the more robust the growth path for their company will be


    • Here is where my Bizar Financing Pro business success system can really help you


    • It's like a business mentor on steroids


  • First, it gives you a greater number of hours and higher level of business success training far beyond what any individual business mentor could possible provide

  • Second, it gives you the same personal attention you would expect from a business mentor and then it adds several additional layers of peer-to-peer assistance and networking that no traditional business mentor can provide

  • Third, it gives you automated tools that dramatically reduce your time and greatly increase your effectiveness in building your company which no business mentor even has the ability to provide

  • And fourth, it can take you to the highest levels of business innovation and creative solutions made possible by our using 21st Century information and communication technology which are totally beyond the means of a traditional business mentor

    • All of this is available to you on-demand worldwide


    • What business mentor can do that?


    • Bizar Financing Pro is a complete business success system with all of the training and support you need to thrive in a business of your own:


    • Several dozen hours of video and audio training sessions with just the know-how you need to dynamically move your business forward


    • Several hundred pages of printed manuals and training materials with each page a powerhouse of business building information available nowhere else


    • Dozens of PC automated business tools to make many complicated business functions quicker and easier to accomplish with results more certain – each with its own tutorial for quick mastery


    • Live webinars to address your every question and concern with solutions from top business practitioners each an expert in their field


    • Email and telephone access to top professionals to address your needs one-on-one


    • Live conferences in major US cities to meet and learn from top business practitioners not to mention meet, network and join peer groups of other entrepreneurs


    • Special live webinar events to keep you current and able to respond timely to any new business challenge


    • We even have on call some of the best business mentors available anywhere, who can step in and give you any level of personal attention that you need for as long as you need it


  • Want to learn more about what Bizar Financing can do for you?

    • Your next step is to view our free 25 minute video Getting Rich Your Way


    • This is where you can see for yourself how some Bizar Financing entrepreneurs overcame their biggest challenges to building their own dynamic growth business


    • You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the right know-how and support


    • I'd welcome the opportunity to help build your company


    • Thanks for your time and attention



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