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The definition of Entrepreneur is one of the most over used and least understood words in the business lexicon. Entrepreneur has become a common descriptor for people who simply own their own business. They are called entrepreneurs whether they started the business from scratch, bought the company from someone else or even if they inherited the business. An entrepreneur is so much more. They are not just owners or operators of business. So what is an entrepreneur?


What about becoming an entrepreneur?


So where does a person learn how to be an entrepreneur? If you Google a phrase like "center for entrepreneurial studies", "center for entrepreneurship" or center for entrepreneurism" you will get links to colleges and universities that teach the academic version of entrepreneurship. You will learn to take risk as a necessary element of entrepreneurship. You will not learn how to hone your vision and how, through vision alone, you can orchestrate the time, talent, money and other resources of other people to fully manifest your desired outcome. You might even think that since these colleges and universities command the first page of the search results, that they must be the most authoritative source of entrepreneurial knowledge. Those who understand search engine ranking know that their page position has nothing to do with their entrepreneurism teaching capability. Their position ranking is based on the website traffic of the entire institution of which their traffic related to entrepreneurism is but a fraction. So the website of an entrepreneurship specialist will not likely be positioned as well in any search where educational generalists are also listed.


If you really want to become and unstoppable entrepreneur, molding the world to your vision by orchestrating the time, talent, money and other resources of other people, you need to go to the source of the definition. To find out more about what you can learn from Gordon Bizar and how you can use his time honored methods to start, buy or build your own successful business, watch his free 25 minute video Getting Rich Your Way.



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