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  • Do you have all the cash you need to grow your business?

  • Do you have access to the lenders and investors that will provide your capital at favorable rates?

  • During the next several minutes we're going talk about "How you can Benefit from the assistance of a Business Finance Advisor…"

  • How you can tap into the street smarts and high level contacts that can fund your company's needs right now even if your financial future is uncertain.

  • First, let's define the term

• A business finance advisor is someone who helps owners of small and mid-size businesses get the cash needed for growth, improving cash flow, increasing working capital, making an acquisition or… during troubled times… just keeping the lights on


• Business finance advisors typically are project oriented with their assistance geared to a specific financing for your business


• A business finance advisor is not accountable for a result


• Their assistance can be limited purely to advice or introductions to funding sources where you or a member of your staff do all of the work


• Or, at the other extreme a business finance advisor will fully evaluate your needs and resources, structure the type of funding to be sought, identify the appropriate source of the funding, prepare a document sometimes referred to as a "book" telling the funding source all about your company and why they should grant the funding requested, handle the negotiations with the funding source, prepare term sheets and other funding proposal documents and materials right on through to verifying receipt of the funds to your company bank account


• Business finance advisors provide their services on a fee basis where the amount paid up front is somewhat proportional to the amount of work they have to do to "package" the financing being sought plus a contingent fee that is stated as a percent of funding raised or committed by the funding source


• A business finance advisor typically maintains no ongoing relationship with your company


• When the project is over, win, lose or draw, so is your relationship with the business finance advisor


• As you grow, your financing needs change as will the types of financing and sources that become available


• So if you would continue to build your company, your need for financing know-how will probably outgrow your relationship with your business finance advisor


• The business finance advisor that was right for your company at one stage of its development will most likely not be the best business finance advisor for your company when it is larger and more mature


• As a result, any education you may glean while working with your business finance advisor will most likely be of relatively little value for your next funding need


  • Here is where my program Bizar Financing Pro can really help you


• It's like a business finance advisor on steroids


• First, it gives you a greater number of hours and higher level of business financing training far beyond what any individual business finance advisor could or would possibly provide


• Second, it gives you the same personal attention you would expect from a business finance advisor and then it adds several additional layers of peer-to-peer assistance and networking with other entrepreneurs who have completed successful financings of their companies similar to the type you need at the time you need it. No traditional business finance advisor can provide this


• Third, it gives you automated tools that dramatically reduce your time and greatly increase your effectiveness in obtaining a successful financing for your company which no finance advisor even has the ability to provide


• And fourth, it can take you to the highest levels of business financing innovation and creative solutions made possible by 32 years of helping over 300,000 entrepreneurs get funding for their enterprises


• All of this is available to you on-demand worldwide


• What single business finance advisor can do that?


• What's more the knowledge and control is now in your hands


• You are no longer at the mercy of a business finance advisor who has their own agenda and may or may not have your best interest at heart


• Bizar Financing Pro is a complete business financing success system with all of the training and support you need to create the financing you need now and for as long into the future as you want to build your company


  • It includes:


• Several dozen hours of video and audio training sessions with just the know-how you need to dynamically move your business forward regardless of your current stage of development


• Several hundred pages of printed manuals and training materials with each page a powerhouse of business finance information available nowhere else


• Dozens of PC automated business finance tools to make many complicated business calculations and presentations quicker and easier to accomplish with results more certain – each with its own tutorial for quick mastery


• Live webinars to address your every question and concern with solutions from top business finance practitioners each an expert in their field


• Email and telephone access to top business and finance professionals to address your needs one-on-one and who change based on the level of financing needed


• Live conferences to meet and learn from top business practitioners not to mention meet, network and join peer groups with other entrepreneurs


• Special live webinar events to keep you current and able to respond timely to any new business finance challenge


• All provided at a fraction of the cost of a business finance advisor for their one time effort


• Just think about this, the know-how to finance your company is now in your head


• You are in control


• You are no longer at the mercy of an outsider who may or may not be capable


• Who may or may not have your best interests at heart


• And, you know in the end, if you still want to hire a business finance advisor, they can't pull any wool over your eyes, because you know exactly what to expect and what it should cost


• Want to learn more about what Bizar Financing can do for you? Your next step is to view our free 25 minute video
Getting Rich Your Way. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the right know-how and support.


• This is where you can see for yourself how some Bizar Financing entrepreneurs overcame their biggest challenges to building their own dynamic growth business


• You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the right know-how and support


• I'd welcome the opportunity to help build your company


• Thanks for your time and attention



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