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Over the past 30 years, I have taught entrepreneurs how to start, buy and build virtually every type of business across 5 continents. In this pursuit, I have traveled the globe, training over 300,000 people how to replicate my successes. My reach was limited by my ability to be in only one place at a time. The good news is that now I take full advantage of today's Internet technology and have been able to reach so many more, eager to learn through my online Webinars.

Thomas Edison said:
“Vision without execution is hallucination.”


Getting Rich Your Way

YOU... in the Double Platinum Age of Entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship in Small Business?

The next ten years will produce more mega-millionaires and billionaires than all prior human history as entrepreneurs succeed in small business. Will you be one of them? If you will open your mind to two relatively simple truths, you could be. What two simple truths might possibly be that powerful? Are you sitting down? Here they are.


Truth number 1: Leverage enables a little to move a lot.


Truth number 2: The two most powerful forms of business leverage ever conceived are just coming of age and are available and easily accessible for you to use now.


That's it. Two forms of leverage applicable to every business … financial leverage and electronic leverage. Think about it, if you could make $100 do the work of $100,000, there isn't anything that you could not accomplish in a business. If you could replicate yourself electronically and project yourself anywhere in the world where electrons flow and interact with millions of people at a time, you can move the masses. By combining both financial and electronic leverage, it is possible for one person to move the world. But, there is something else you need. In fact, there are two things you need.


Need number 1: You need a plan…a business plan to fully utilize this leverage to produce cash flow.


Need number 2: You need a vehicle… a structured entity from which you apply your leverage and from which you operate.


Get the right price on the
best business
in the strongest industry for
the best terms


To empower wealth creation by Entrepreneurs, I have established three website-based systems each dedicated to a different aspect of entrepreneurial development by exploiting financial and electronic leverage.


Bizar Financing is the ultimate training and development system for the use of financial leverage… how, with little or no capital of your own, you can start, buy or build your own successful business. Get the right price on the best business in the strongest industry for the best terms. To see for yourself what Bizar Financing can do for you, just click this link to view the 25 minute video Getting Rich Your Way. To experience my training style and learn for yourself some of my valuable insights and entrepreneurial techniques, enroll as my guest in my four part webinar series Thrive in Your Own Successful Business…Today. Each series part provides approximately 45 minutes of online training packed full of the information and examples you can use to prosper immediately despite the challenges of our current economy.


Relight America brings together many of our nation's foremost business experts who will train you in every skill set necessary to explode sales, slash costs and get financing to build you company. Relight America will provide you and your company a results-getting system to outperform any competitor domestic or foreign. Good news, you can enroll in this training program and results system without a charge as my guest. This is a $3,500 value with my compliments. Just click this link Enroll in Relight America.


Global Aggregation Corporation introduces a new business model that I invented and perfected over the last 4 years. I have worked with users of this business model in many different countries, one of which recently won its country's national award as the nation's fastest growing company with a sustained annual growth rate of over a 1000% per year.


Gordon Bizar's Blog is dedicated to providing rare and valuable insights enhancing your ability as an entrepreneur to benefit from these three wealth-multiplying attributes.


Let's get to know each other. Tap into my resources. Click on one of the above links. Begin putting them to work for you right here, right now.


I believe that an entrepreneur's greatest assets are their ability to think out-of-the box, to see what others cannot and to act when others vacillate.